Excerpts from ‘Encounters’

Front cover of Visible Ink Anthology number 26.

The VI team of 2014 recently held their official launch night at Bella Union on 7 November 2014. Some of the exciting and engrossing emerging writers chosen to feature in this year’s anthology read their pieces from VI #26 ‘Encounters’, those of whom included Nick Couldwell and Cassandra L. The night was a real success and the team are sincerely grateful to all who attended and bought a copy of this year’s book!

Nick Couldwell is a twenty-four-year old writer from Byron Bay. He studies Professional Writing and Editing at RMIT and is currently writing a novel. Nick’s stories have been published in Writing To The Edge and placed third in the 2013 City of Rockingham Short Fiction Awards.

Cassandra L is a budding (screen) writer from Melbourne. Her interests include bioethics, history and monsters. She is an emerging writer and a current student of Screenwriting at RMIT, with three short stories published to date.

~ Here an some excerpts from Nick and Cassandra’s memorable pieces. ~ 

Blood, Scales and All ~ by Nick Couldwell 

‘Up ahead, on the side of the road, I notice more fur and twisted legs. In an instant the animal is gone but the bitter stink and the knobbiness of its knees stay with me. I know it’s no different to a human body: the impact and the softness of bones and teeth and skin. I try not to think of my sister or her knees. Suddenly I hate the world. Dad asks me something but I don’t hear him. I slump lower in my seat and hate the scratchiness of that too.

Lights flash and someone waves at us to slow down. Dad hits the brake and the car stinks of burnt rubber. I stare out at the group of people hanging on bikes and leaning on cars. I feel the broken glass crunching through me and I wonder if it’s what a breaking bone would sound like. I can see the motorbike now, just the guts of it, of heap of twisted metal and pipes. I don’t see a body, only road and commotion. Then Dad winds down his window and screams ‘road kill’ at the top of his lungs and I see the girl with all the hair and blood pushed up against the guardrail like she’s holding on for dear life. I know who it is. I know now. I shout at him to stop and suddenly I’m awake and he’s leaning against the bonnet rolling a smoke.

‘We’re here. You slept the whole bloody way.’

The Sworn Statement by Mrs Maureen McCurtie ~ by Cassandra L. 

‘Maybe it understood, or maybe it was just disturbed by my being there, but it uncoiled from the girl and lunged at me as quick as a cobra. I screamed and I ran, but I couldn’t get away fast enough. It got me there, right there on my arm, see? Latched on and waved its head to and fro with my arm right inside its maw. I was sure I was done for.

And all I could think about was Harry waking up in his bed, not able to move or dress or feed himself. Him dying a grown man in his bed helpless and without his mother. So I grabbed the lid from a nearby trashcan and I hit that thing on its gator head as hard as I could. Then I hit it again and again until it let go and scuttled off down the manhole. That was the last I saw of it.

I don’t remember much else after that. I passed out.’


Excerpts taken from the current edition of Visible Ink ‘VI #26, 2014 ‘Encounters’

If you couldn’t make it to the launch, don’t stress! You can buy ‘Encounters’ from our Buy Page and select bookstores in the near future! 


Visible Ink is launching ‘Encounters’

VISIBLE INK 26 LAUNCH PARTY POSTER - Launch Party VIS INK 26-November 7th 2014-BLUE

The VI team of 2014 would like to announce our Launch Party is less than three weeks away! The launch of Visible Ink 26; ‘Encounters’ will be held on Friday, November 7 at 7:00pm at Bella Union.

Come along and share in the excitement and anticipation we feel of finally being able to present to you the anthology we’ve worked on for many hours throughout the year.  $15 gets you entry and the book.

Want to come along but not purchase a book? Sure! $5 gets you entry.









☁︎$15 gets you entry and a book ($5 gets you in but no book)

☁︎Starts 7pm at Bella Union on Friday 7th November

More information to come regarding the fantastic, hand-picked writers and artistic contributors of VI 26.

Supported by RMIT Link Arts & Culture.

Facebook event:

Meet the Performers for the upcoming Visible Ink Fundraiser!


VISIBLE INK presents a night of comedy, readings, raffles, art and money-making – all in the name of PAYING OUR CONTRIBUTORS! 

It is with great pleasure and excitement we announce and introduce the Performers for the upcoming Visible Ink Reading Night and Fundraiser, to be held on Friday 11 July at Kerr St Studios. It is an absolute honour to feature the following Readers at our much anticipated fundraiser.

Ara Sarafian 

Ara Sarafian is one of the editors at Visible Ink, and a freelance writer from Melbourne. He’s been published in The Lifted Brow, The Conversation and a number of other publications. He also once won a short, short story competition with a 48-word submission that he wrote while sitting on the toilet. His blog, The Life Less Travelled, chronicles his travels to over fifty countries.

Ara is currently studying Professional Writing and Editing at RMIT. He’s of Armenian descent and therefore very hairy.

Jacky T 

JackyT is a performance poet/MC/producer based in Melbourne. Originally from country Vic, he wears city life like an itchy woollen sweater and spends equal amounts of time on production, live improv shows and fighting a rehabilitating Malibu and Berroca morning habit, which often stretches deep into the evening.

He is a published poet and award winning slam artist, after releasing a free instrumental ep “Old Stylus ep” and chapbook “Things I see around Brunswick” last year. Jacky T is currently working on a debut concept album “A Night Out In”.


Kate Dehnert 

Highly acclaimed, mind-blowing amazing electro-comedian. Kate has performed her four-and-a-half-star show, Noise Adventure in the 2014 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. The Herald Sun said that Kate Dehnert is “bizarre, brave, daring, probably dangerous, but most of all smart and very funny…a psychedelicomic superstar.”

She’s been described as “true work of unique brilliance.” and the “daughter of The Mighty Boosh”. Get on board for her electro-magic.


Ania Walwicz 

Ania Walwicz is a poet renowned for her impressionistic style. Her work has been performed by La Mama Theatre, the Sydney Chamber Choir and set to music by ChamberMade and she has performed in France, Japan and Switzerland. Ania’s latest collection of poems, The Palace of Culture is out now through Puncher & Wattman.

Simon Keck

Multi award-winning comedian, published writer, radio broadcaster, illustrator and animator. Simon Keck has written for Vice magazine, Crickey and more. His shelves of awards for performing comedy is overflowing with the Golden Gibbo award (most original, independent comedy) from the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, the Outstanding Comedy award from the Melbourne Fringe Festival, and is a Best Comedy Adelaide Fringe Weekly Award Winner.

Keck’s most recent show at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival was ‘Let’s Write A Book’ in which he co-wrote a book with audiences from every show. “A BRILLIANT wordsmith.” – Squirrel Comedy


Koraly Dimitriadis 

Koraly Dimitriadis is a Cypriot-Australian poet, writer and performer. Her poetry book, Love and Fuck Poems, started as a zine and is now an Australian bestseller for poetry. She created four films of her poems and a book trailer, which will be launched on 14 August at Loop Bar (Details).

In 2013 Koraly received an ArtStart grant that allowed her to travel to Cyprus to perform, and to work with a translator.  The Greek edition of Love and Fuck Poems will soon be launched by a Cypriot publisher.

Koraly is currently working on her second book, Good Greek Girl – a novel told through short story, prose and poetry. A theatre show based on the book was performed during the 2013 La Mama Explorations and is due to return in 2015.

She is also working on a novel, Misplaced, with the guidance of Christos Tsiolkas.


Sian Prior

Sian Prior has just released her first book, Shy – A Memoir, a brilliantly written, honest and intelligent examination into shyness and how it affects her. She’s been in publications such as The Age, The Drum, The Big Issue, Meanjin and Visible Ink. She teaches professional writing and editing at RMIT, works as a broadcaster, professional singer and clarinettist, and is now working on her PhD at RMIT in creative writing.

This year Prior will be a guest at the Sydney, Brisbane, Byron Bay and Melbourne Writers Festivals.


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How I Write

An author wearing a helmet-like oxygen mask and writing.

Image from “Science and Invention” magazine, July 1925

Write three sentences on my laptop then check Facebook; check Twitter; scroll through emails; listen to podcasts; go to the shops to buy food to eat; eat; draw a picture; grab a drink with a friend; talk logistics about how to replace a current housemate; organise interviews for potential housemates; copy CDs onto my computer; search around tumblr for “writing inspiration”; do nerdy things to get more followers on Twitter; do nerdy things to get rid of all my unfollowers on Twitter; call my boyfriend; clean my room; do my laundry even though it isn’t Sunday (aka Weekly National Laundry Day); get lost in a YouTube spiral; write blog posts for my own personal blog; go for a walk because clearly I can’t write until I get my blood pumping; run into a friend while on the walk; call up our mutual friend to come join us who then suggests a road trip to Ballarat to visit another mutual friend; all move to Ballarat where I’m sure I can become a resident writer at whatever writing places there are in Ballarat; end up working in the Ballarat Maccas; wonder how my life ended up this way; move back to Melbourne; write three more sentences on my laptop.

Ah yes, procrastination.