Meet the team



Jessie Henley – Managing Editor, Treasurer

At age four, Jessie got a piece of carrot stuck so far up her nose her mum had to take her to hospital to have it taken out with giant tweezers. At age eight, she was told the procedure to remove one’s tonsils included the sticking of giant tweezers up one’s butt and having them pulled out… while she was on her way to the operating room.
Since then, she’s developed a rational fear of chopped carrot and giant tweezers, and thankfully settled into normal hobbies like sleeping heaps, creeping on other people’s pets and making pros and cons lists about everything.


Jo Kasch – Editor, Grants Manager

Jo Kasch has been working as a script editor and writer in kids’ animation for the last ten years. She loves it – and loves writing and editing fiction too. Other things Jo likes to do and does on a regular basis: drinking coffee and alcohol (sometimes at exactly the same time), crushing on Don Draper and coming up with names for a dog she may or may not one day own. She only has one cat so does not think that she can technically be referred to as a cat lady. Jo is also a mum to an excellent though utterly loco-bananas 4-year-old. And – look – she likes wafers.


Sophie Hobbs – Editor, Submissions Manager

Sophie is the new (adoptive) mum of a wonderfully awkward turtle with anger management issues – called Rafael. She loves romanticising past eras, is insanely jealous of people with curly hair and frequently wants what she can’t have. She loves knitwear, bubbles and her favourite colour is green. Deliciously awkward moments are something she looks forward to. She loves stationery in general – more specifically; highlighters and post-its – colour coding is her jam.


Ara Sarafian — Editor, Media and Communications

Ara Sarafian used to work in professional health. He lived and worked abroad for eight years and travelled to over fifty countries. In this time he also hitchhiked from Switzerland to Istanbul and lived like a hobo for over two years. After returning to Australia, he decided to pursue his passion for writing.
Since this career change, Ara has been published in The Lifted Brow, The Conversation, Latte and the Australian Writers’ Centre Magazine. He also won a short, short story competition with a 48-word submission that he wrote while sitting on the toilet.


Cara Gillespie — Editor, Administration

Cara Gillespie is extremely honoured and excited to be on the Visible Ink team. She loves editing, writing and the Internet. Last year Cara Gillespie bought a super hot red chilli. She dried out the seeds and planted them. Green chillies were born, not red. Weird. That’s a little bit like Cara. But hey, it’s still flavour.


Claire Sullivan — Fundraising/Events

Claire Sullivan is a professional weirdo, more commonly known as a comedian. She was a triple j Raw National Finalist in 2011 and has performed two successful shows in the Melbourne International Comedy festival and the Adelaide Fringe Festival; ‘Sullivan and Bok’ (2013) ‘Claire Sullivan vs The World’ (2014). She appears frequently on the Melbourne stand-up comedy scene and is a regular host on SYN fm . Claire is currently completing her Associate Degree in Professional Writing and Editing at RMIT because she believes in that people have to be professional in writing as well as ‘weirdo’.



Rachel Short — Fundraising/Events

Rachel thought she’d be trapped in hospo forever, but she made it out alive. She has been published in some cool places like SPOOK Magazine and Broadsheet Melbourne/Sydney. She prides her networking skills on a decade of drinking in dank bars. Being around all the cool writers has inspired her to start writing more creative pieces full of sarcasm, bad men and alcohol references. Her favourite music is Ryan Adams and her favourite seasons are whiskey and red wine.


Angel Corso — Social Media Manager

Angel decided to pursue writing despite constantly falling into the dark depths of writers’ block. When not writing, Angel is constantly baking, watching movies, listening to music or glued to her computer. She credits online shopping and bookshops as the reason why she is constantly broke but she forgets her problems by eating copious amounts of dark chocolate. Angel once had a turtle that ran away and has had a baby alpaca chase her around a paddock, but she still thinks they’re adorable despite this traumatic experience.


Tess Neugebauer — Social Media

Tess has long had dreams of becoming a sports journalist for mainstream media which she is on her way to cementing through work experience, being published and currently studying at RMIT University. She has a serious love for ice-cream, chocolate and getting lost in the pages of her beloved books and music. Her dog Roxy is her baby girl and the Essendon Football Club is her passion. Tess has an appreciation for quotes, irony and sarcasm. She likes observing the moon and finding shapes in clouds.



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