Meet the team


Jessica Zibung – Project Manager 
Although her background is mainly in natural health and management, Jess decided to follow her passion and start studying Professional Writing and Editing at RMIT in 2013 immediately after recovering from severe and debilitating endometriosis for two years. As well as taking on the role of Project Manager and Managing Editor for the 2015 release of Visible Ink, she is also a member of the student-staff consultative committee.


Eleanor Scott – Grants and Distributions Manager, Treasurer
After spending some time in the music industry and then as a ‘beach-bum’ in Morocco, Eleanor started travel writing and editing for online publication, Global Hobo. Realising her passion was deeply rooted in the written word, she began an Associate Degree of Professional Writing and Editing at RMIT in mid-2014. Eleanor spent most of last year working with a small group of creative volunteers to produce a coffee-table style book entitled – The Social Studio; Food, Fashion, Art and Community – which is being published by ‘Melbourne Books’ in April of 2015. This year she intends to successfully launch her new online publication, Places Magazine, pass all her classes and gain an internship with one of Melbourne’s publishing houses. Eleanor is also currently undertaking community radio station 3RRR’s broadcasting course, and hopes to be ‘on-air’ sometime soon.


Madeleine Hall – Submissions Manager
Madeleine is a Melbourne-based editor and writer. She is in her second year of the Associate degree in professional writing and editing at RMIT University. She is currently working on a number of short memoir pieces that experiment with the blurry distinction between fact and fiction. Madeleine is the Submissions manager for the 2015 Visible Ink committee as well as a member of the editing team. An avid reader, Madeleine has always been excited by words and stories and she is eager to be involved in the process of editing the stories she loves to read. She can also knit a pretty mean scarf.


Hope Alexander – Media and Communications Manager
Raised in a rural town, Hope took on city life to further her education and work toward a successful career. Originally studying a Bachelor of International Studies at Deakin, she took a semester off and found her passion for writing. Always a fan of the English language, Hope is now studying an Associate Degree of Professional Writing and Editing at RMIT. Having a preference for writing non-fiction, Hope aspires to write quality digital content. Along with an interest in media and communication and a passion for collaborative projects, Hope aims to have a career in the world of publishing, more specifically in editing and marketing.


Dearna Mulvaney – Events and Fundraising Manager, Media & Communications
Dee has been writing for as long as she can remember. In 2010 she submitted a mirco-fiction piece, Not Crazy Just Misunderstood, to Write4Fun, and was later published in their horror collection. In the following year she was invited back as part of their Honoured Writers competition. The Granite Rose appeared as part of their Honored Writers anthology. In 2011 she took a two-year hiatus from writing to peruse another passion and completed a Bachelor of Arts in Music Performance. During the course she completed Music Business electives and worked media and communication jobs for group projects; a podcast called SoundCheck, and releasing cover band, Femmes Dor’s first iTunes single. In the final semester of the degree, under the name Static Ruby, she wrote lyrics for the single, Take Me Out, and organized the recording of her debut EP. Dearna commenced the Associate Degree in Professional Writing and Editing at RMIT in 2014 as a mid-year student. Her foreseeable goals are to complete her Associate Degree, pursue a career as a freelance writer and publish a book by the time she is 25.


Antonietta Melideo – Editing Team
Ant is a student of the Associate Degree in Professional Writing and Editing at RMIT University.  She is passionate about all things editing, and in addition to her studies is a contributing editor for live art publication, Maggie Journal. Coming from a background in social work, she is also passionate about social justice, particularly women’s issues, and would ultimately like to combine her career in editing with her skills in social work.


Jane Sprague – Submissions Team, Editing Team
Jane is currently in the process of a career change into the big bright world of writing/editing/publishing–and all that these entail. She worked for too long as a PA for a bank which she found very soul sapping, so she is clawing her way back into the light and getting her creative juices to flow from the small trickle they had been reduced to. Jane is currently halfway through the Associate Degree in Professional Writing and Editing at RMIT and is learning as she goes. She currently works as part of the editorial team for Maggie (an online journal of live art) that her fellow uni mate launched in December 2014. She once had a poem published in an anthology in 2005 because her mum secretly entered it into some competition. Jane feels she has now ended up following this path because mothers really do know best! She hopes to find full-time employment in the industry after completing her degree.


Helen MacLeod – Grants Team, Editing Team
Helen grew up in Perth, lived in the southwest, worked and travelled through Europe, came home and fell in love, had babies, moved to Victoria, owned a café in Castlemaine and a café in Brunswick and . . . the whole time she’s been writing and creating. Helen is currently in her second year of study in the Associate Degree aims in life are to gain the skills necessary to earn money from writing and editing, to be part of creating beautiful publications and to extract a novel from all the journals full of writing she’s been lugging around for years. She is very excited about helping to create the Visible Ink anthology for 2015.

ly new

Emily Morrison – Editing Team
Emily, 22, is an emerging writer working on her first manuscript. Before moving to Melbourne she worked as an editor for the online edition of Vietnam’s national newspaper. In 2014 her work was long listed for the Joanne Burns Award and published by Spineless Wonders. Recently she received the Melbourne Young Writers Award in both her category and age bracket. Emily currently studies the Associate Degree in Professional Writing and Editing at RMIT.


Nikki Russian – Social Media, Visual Submissions manager, Editing Team
Nikki’s passion lies within everything creative, from music and photography, to art direction and magazine layout. Her career goals are to incorporate her writing and art, move her way up into the freelance writing world, photograph live bands and continue to defy her chronic illnesses. Between her university studies and her work with Visible ink, she slowly works on a novella, a book of short stories, as well as content for Youth Central.

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