An update on paying our contributors

We’re very, very stoked to let you all know that we raised around $3000 to pay our contributors this year — the first time VI has been able to do this, ever!

visible ink 26: ENCOUNTERS
A big thank you to everyone who came to our fundraiser, who donated to our Pozible campaign, and who bought a copy (or eight!) of ‘Encounters’ last Friday night — we couldn’t have managed this without you.

If you couldn’t make it to the launch, don’t sweat! You can buy ‘Encounters’ from our Buy Page! Technology!

Visible Ink is launching ‘Encounters’

VISIBLE INK 26 LAUNCH PARTY POSTER - Launch Party VIS INK 26-November 7th 2014-BLUE

The VI team of 2014 would like to announce our Launch Party is less than three weeks away! The launch of Visible Ink 26; ‘Encounters’ will be held on Friday, November 7 at 7:00pm at Bella Union.

Come along and share in the excitement and anticipation we feel of finally being able to present to you the anthology we’ve worked on for many hours throughout the year.  $15 gets you entry and the book.

Want to come along but not purchase a book? Sure! $5 gets you entry.









☁︎$15 gets you entry and a book ($5 gets you in but no book)

☁︎Starts 7pm at Bella Union on Friday 7th November

More information to come regarding the fantastic, hand-picked writers and artistic contributors of VI 26.

Supported by RMIT Link Arts & Culture.

Facebook event: 

‘Going Down Swinging’ launches Pozible campaign to stay alive


After 35 years of publishing, Going Down Swinging needs your help!

Since 1980 GDS have published 1054 writers and artists across 33 print anthologies, 2 digital editions, 19 audio albums and the new GDS Online, and put on countless live shows featuring hundreds of performers.

GDS give in-depth professional development to both emerging writers and interns across Australia, and set up satellite programs such as live shows and online publishing. It’s all built around the Going Down Swinging print production.

‘We’ve always got by without much cash, but a stack of our 2012 issue was damaged in transit, which also hurt sales in 2013. At the same time government budget cuts arrived, and a year ago we lost our core funding. We’ve long aimed for financial independence, now we need to speed that up. We don’t need bail-outs, just support for what we already make’ the publication said on its Pozible page.

GDS created the Pozible campaign with the hope of raising a base target of $10,000 and have raised slightly above that in just under three days. With 30 days of the campaign to go, 119 contributors have shown just how much they can’t bear to see GDS fold.

GDS plan to use any funds raised for printing first and foremost. They plan to budget $8000, with designers costing $1000, a fraction of the usual cost. The rest of the Pozible funds raised will go towards a year’s office supplies, postage, managing submissions, freight, internet, hosting, marketing, insurance and such guff will top $4000.

GDS say their $10,000 target was a minimum to make sure Pozible gave up the funds. Their goal, however, is now $13,000 to cover the new issue and beyond, stabilising the literary journal’s future.

‘Paying for [the 2015] edition in advance means that every copy sold beyond the target is money in the clear. It also means we’ll keep the last of our reserves, so when it comes to the following issue we’ll be far better placed to produce it. This campaign gives us stability. It’ll also buy our staff time to keep working on other income streams, something we’re always doing, as raising funds is an ongoing issue. ‘

Every pledge gets a ‘digital extra’ – choose one GDS digital edition (GDS 31 or GDS 34), or one GDS One Night Wonders live album.

Learn more and donate to the ‘Going Down Swinging survival drive’ here

Pozible logo:

Panel Discussion tonight! What is the point of Literary Journals?

whatisthepoint -LITERARY JOURNALS EVENT wed17thseptember2014

Come along to an engaging panel discussion tonight highlighting what a literary journal really is and what is involved. To be held at 6pm for a 6.30pm start at Horse Bazaar the event will shed light on four local literary journals from The Lifted Brow, Voicewoks, Kill Your Darlings and Overland Literary Journal. You like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, donate to their Pozible campaigns, and you may even read them, but now you can join the host of the night, knower-of-literary-things Tim Coronel as he thoroughly questions the Editors about lit journals.

The exciting panellists/tributes are:

—Sam Cooney, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of The Lifted Brow

—Elizabeth Flux, Editor of Voiceworks

—Rebecca Starford, Publishing Director and Editor-in-Chief over at Kill Your Darlings

—Jacinda Woodhead, Deputy editor at Overland Literary Journal

Entry is free, but bring along some cash to spend at the bar and buy a copy of a literary journal. And don’t forget a friend or two!

TIM CORONEL is a freelance editor, writer and publishing consultant and the coordinator of the annual Independent Publishing Conference for the Small Press Network. He is a past editor of Thorpe-Bowker’s Books+Publishing magazine and Weekly Book Newsletter, and has somehow eked out a living of one form or another in the world of books for a quarter of a century (which makes him feel old)

KILL YOUR DARLINGS is Australia’s most lively and entertaining cultural publication. KYD was founded in 2010 by Rebecca Starford and Hannah Kent, and today it comprises a quarterly edition, a website and blog, regular events series, a writers workshop and an online shop.

OVERLAND is the most radical of Australia’s long-standing literary and cultural magazines, and celebrates its 60th year in 2014. Overland’s mission is to foster new, original and progressive work exploring the relationship between politics and culture, especially literature, and to bring that work to as many people as possible.

THE LIFTED BROW makes magazines from Australia and the world. They publish:

— A giant print version every two months

— A digital version every fortnight, which features new and different content from the print version

— And a whole lot of other new and interesting content on their website.

VOICEWORKS is a national quarterly magazine that features exciting new writing and art by young Australians. It is a unique opportunity for people under twenty-five to publish their poetry, short stories, articles, comics, illustrations, drawings and photos. Each selected piece goes through a collaborative editing process, and individualised feedback is provided for all unsuccessful submissions.

Writing Prompts

Use the image or these two phrases from VI 22, 2010 – ‘An anthology of new writing’ as inspiration for a new short story or poem, or use them within an existing piece of work.

Oak-moon Bokeh by James Lee

Oak-moon Bokeh

“Angus paused in his discourse and waited for the universe to respond”

Moonlight by Rob Jeffreys
VI: An anthology of new writing 2010

“All I can think of is how people smiled at each other when the lights went down.”

The Long Night by Warwick Sprawson
VI: An anthology of new writing 2010

Writing prompts have returned!


[Flight of Fancy, Sarah Allen (Visible Ink 25)]


Use these phrases or image to inspire a short story, a poem or use within an existing piece of writing. 

“All she can do is stare.”

A day with Mrs Potts by Mary Alys Shuttleworth

Visible Ink: An anthology of new writing 2010


“She laughed that slightly hysterical laugh that meant she was scared”

The Long Night by Warwick Sprawson

Visible Ink: An anthology of new writing 2010

Pozible Campaign!


Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 12.52.18 pm

We reached our target everyone! Thank you to everyone who has donated so far, we truly appreciate your support of Visible Ink and our campaign to pay our writers for the first time in VI memory.