How I Write

An author wearing a helmet-like oxygen mask and writing.

Image from “Science and Invention” magazine, July 1925

Write three sentences on my laptop then check Facebook; check Twitter; scroll through emails; listen to podcasts; go to the shops to buy food to eat; eat; draw a picture; grab a drink with a friend; talk logistics about how to replace a current housemate; organise interviews for potential housemates; copy CDs onto my computer; search around tumblr for “writing inspiration”; do nerdy things to get more followers on Twitter; do nerdy things to get rid of all my unfollowers on Twitter; call my boyfriend; clean my room; do my laundry even though it isn’t Sunday (aka Weekly National Laundry Day); get lost in a YouTube spiral; write blog posts for my own personal blog; go for a walk because clearly I can’t write until I get my blood pumping; run into a friend while on the walk; call up our mutual friend to come join us who then suggests a road trip to Ballarat to visit another mutual friend; all move to Ballarat where I’m sure I can become a resident writer at whatever writing places there are in Ballarat; end up working in the Ballarat Maccas; wonder how my life ended up this way; move back to Melbourne; write three more sentences on my laptop.

Ah yes, procrastination.